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The 39 Steps

By Patrick Barlow

The Beacon Amphitheatre, 9th - 13th July 2019

A cast of four actors take on 139 characters in this face-paced comedy following a fugitive’s riotous adventure from London to the Scottish Highlands and back again. Richard Hannay, a man bored by life, finds himself accidentally caught up in an enormous secret spy operation to save the country from an unknown forced called ‘The 39 Steps’... the only problem is, he has no idea who they are, what they’re doing or when they’re doing it. What could go wrong?

Directed and Produced by Tobias Cornwell



KINGDOM, Penshurst, 19th - 21st June 2019

We reimagined this classic tale, bringing the story to life through an exciting immersive dining experience hosted in and around the stunning wooden and glass building of KINGDOM, Penshurst. Audiences enjoyed a delicious meal by the incredible I’ll Be Mother, whilst simultaneously being transported to the magical world of the narrative, as actors performed amongst diners, between courses, weaving the meal and performance together in a carefully crafted experience to celebrate the start of the summer season...

Directed by Sally Wood

Produced by Tobias Cornwell

Music Score by James Hawley



Poltimore House, 30th May - 1st June 2018

Across a dark evening, fragile lives crumble. Virgil’s eyes begin to wander, Dante fights his personal demons, Christian Shaw takes a regrettable offer from a suspicious visitor and Jethro is swearing by the healing powers of peas. All the while Jesse wants to host a party.

Set within the dramatically crumbling walls of Poltimore House, a dynamic cast of nine actors took on this deeply layered story, inspired by Woyzeck and Dante’s Inferno . Performed to an original musical score, with no speech,  Get Out Of My Space’s largest immersive production to date completed a sold-out run and transported its audiences into a world of darkness and sorrow.

Directed by Tobias Cornwell

Assisted by James Hawley

Produced by Florrie Taylor

Music Score by James Hawley



Exeter Woodland, 10th - 11th June 2017

In the dark corners of Little Red Riding Hood’s woods, wolves and mysterious creatures roam. A bleak world of twisted fairy tales opens itself up for your exploration, but we wouldn’t recommend getting lost.

Described as “a highly intense, mesmerising and very unnerving piece of theatre”, Red’s sold-out run dared audiences to be brave, as the physically-dominant narrative unravelled themes of lust, grief and despair in a dramatic natural setting.

Directed by Tobias Cornwell

Assisted by James Hawley

Produced by Florrie Taylor

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By Chris O’Connell

The Beacon Cellar, 27th - 29th July 2016

Four men reunite to mourn the loss of a close friend, but time and events have had a corrosive effect on this once tight-knit bunch. From beneath the surface bravura a brooding animosity emerges. Their struggle to deal with grief and guilt brings them to breaking point where the truth lies waiting.

Get Out Of My Space were delighted to challenge sold-out audiences with an intimate and physically striking staging of Chris O’Connell’s well-known play.

Directed and Produced by the company



By Ella Hickson

The Royal Victoria Hall, 19th - 20th September 2014

Finals day 2011. Four boys in a five bedroom flat gear up for one huge party to end all parties. As they enter adulthood, all of them face an uncertain future in an uncaring world and even the good times look problematic.

As Get Out Of My Space’s debut show, Boys brought us out with a bang.  Described critically as being full of “drama and frenetic energy” with “performances [that] were faultless”, it was a riotous way to begin our professional programme.

Directed and Produced by the company