‘Black Fate’ Auditions

In the late 1800s, a gang operated in the Elephant and Castle area of London called The Forty Elephants. They were an all-female crime syndicate who were known for their tactics and organisation, and were highly skilled at avoiding police detection. Our adaptation of Romeo and Juliet called ‘Black Fate’ takes place in this setting, with Capulet as the leader of The Forty Elephants, and Montague owning a pub within her territory.

This production will be taking over the entirety of The Beacon’s main house. Across the three floors, it will be transformed into 1800s London, whilst also utilising the surrounding terrace and gardens. The audience will be issued a mask and have complete freedom to roam where they please. They are not led, they do not get instructions, they are simply told not to remove their mask and not to speak. The rest is up to them.

This will be a scripted production, with elements of stage combat; therefore, experience in stage combat is preferred but not necessary. If you have any experience, please state this in your application. Each character will never go ‘off-stage’ or have any ‘dead-time’ in the space; they will be constantly moving through their own storyline. At roughly two and a half hours long, this production is going to be demanding and will require a high level of concentration from the actors. 

We are looking for 10 strong actors, confident in immersive theatre and comfortable performing in extremely close proximity to the audience. 

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