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A Christmas Carol

By Patrick Barlow

3rd - 7th December

Get Out Of My Space are back again, combining the success of their two summer shows, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'The 39 Steps', to provide the ultimate Christmas experience; a 3 course Christmas Dinner weaved into the narrative of a classic story, and topped off with a whole lot of comedy!

We thought it wouldn't be Christmas without 'A Christmas Carol', but in this stage version by Patrick Barlow (writer of 'The 39 Steps') Charles Dickens' classic story of greed, grief, ghoulish ghosts and eleventh-hour redemption feels fresh and brand new. With only 5 actors it's going to be another evening of fast-paced fun, with a wholesome Christmas feeling to get you in the spirit of the season!

We also have an exciting early bird offer of only £49 if you book fast, and there's very limited availability so don't miss out!

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By Tobias Cornwell

28th Jan - 8th Feb

The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells

Black Fate is an immersive adaptation of William Shakespeare’s perennial tale Romeo and Juliet. Ten closely intertwining narratives culminate in one astonishing theatrical experience. Let us welcome you to theatre like you have never experienced it before.

London. Late 1800’s. The all-female crime syndicate known as ‘The Forty Elephants’ are running Elephant and Castle, headed by their leader, the fiercely intelligent Capulet. Amidst unrest in the streets, a desperate Montague runs a pub within the Forty Elephants' territory, paying the syndicate for protection from the conflict. But with no power and with the price of protection continually rising, Montague and his boys must look elsewhere for income. Romeo and Juliet begin crossing family boundaries, Paris starts sparking tension in the streets and the stakes keep rising. Through struggle and strife, these characters face a deeply troubling question: what is the price of power?

This performance takes place throughout the entirety of The Beacon. As audience members, you will be masked and permitted to roam the house freely, wherever, whenever and however you wish. Remaining unnoticed by the characters for the duration of the evening, you have the space to control your own experience and get as close to the action as you like. Whether you choose to follow certain storylines, wander between rooms at ease or explore the set and let the action happen around you, you are guaranteed an intriguing and dynamic experience. Run through the building. Rummage through the drawers. Lurk in the shadows. We encourage you to be selfish, and follow your own desires. The story is yours for the taking and we welcome you with open arms.

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