About us


Get Out Of My Space was founded in 2014 with a determination to exceed audiences’ expectations. Starting with a sell-out self-financed show when our four founders were all just 17 years old, we followed on to create three more sell-out productions. From a dynamic physical adaptation of Hymns by Chris O’Connell, performed in The Beacon Cellar, to two original immersive productions set in a woodland and abandoned country estate respectively, each show has been more ambitious than the last.

Having now returned to Tunbridge Wells, we hit the ground running with our newest season of work, an immersive dining experience centred on A Midsummer Night’s Dream set in the visually striking clubhouse, Kingdom, and the fast-paced comedy, The 39 Steps, performed at The Beacon’s brand new amphitheatre.

After the success of these performances we are now looking toward Christmas, with an immersive dining experience of ‘A Christmas Carol’, and beyond… exciting updates to follow.